The Young and Energetic Maiden

Edith Neumaier March 26, 2019

… your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you. Genesis 3:16

Once upon a time there lived a young and energetic maiden. She was eager to conquer the world. She fought and scared away a lot of wild beasts. Once, she was severely wounded and almost beaten to death. This fight handicapped her immensely, but she did not give up her battle.

One day she met a gentle creature. Even though he was beastly looking, he acted different then all the other beasts she encountered. He was gentle and did not try to overpower her in order to sting her with dangerous poison. The maiden started to trust the stranger. She always longed to be friends with the creatures, but was always afraid of the paralyzing sting.

It did not take too long before the maiden was so familiar with the creature that she lost all her fear of the sting. Most of all, she trusted the beast so much, that she did not think about the consequences of the sting.

So it happened that the beast stung the young and energetic maiden and she was transformed into a small and helpless little bird. Not only that, the gentle creature started to show his wild and beastly character.

The little bird, now afraid and intimidated, did not object very much to be put into a golden cage. Outside the cage was the beast watching over her. Controlling every move she made.

Sometimes, she would remember her times as a maiden and slowly her posture would change. As soon as the beast noticed the change he would transform into a monster and scare the little bird. He would show his ugly teeth. He would sound his horrible roar. And sometimes he would swoop his fierce claws into the cage. There were many times when the little bird got hurt. But worse of all, the little bird would stop thinking about her time as a maiden. In addition, it seemed as if she got smaller and smaller.

Then one day, something strange happened. The little bird decided to clean up her cage. As she threw away some of the old left over food that was piled up in a corner, she found a mirror. She looked inside and did not believe her eyes. She was shocked over who she had become. At first, she did not remember much about her heroic time as a maiden, but was certain that she was not supposed to be a little bird. She also realized that she was living in a cage.

Even though she was terrified of the monster, she was more afraid of what she had become. Confronted by her own reflection in the mirror, she was determined to change. At first, she concentrated on getting bigger and stronger. She hoped this would not up set the beast. As she grew and grew, she started to long to live out side the cage and to be free.

However, she had not overcome her paralyzing fear. For many years, she had lived inside the cage and it had become a familiar place. Most of all, she was frightened of the reaction of the beast. Strangely, after all the horrible experiences with the beast, she was hesitant to leave him. The beast was gentle and nice most of the time.

The little bird, who by this time turned into a big and strong bird, almost out grew the cage. But still she was scared to leave her familiar home. She became more and more confused. Never the less, she waited for change. She did not want to make hasty decisions and regret them at the end. In addition, she believed strongly that she had to fulfill her commitment to stay with him for the rest of her life.

However, as the bird grew and became stronger, the beast suspected that something was changing. He noticed that the bird was becoming more resistant. Therefore, he showed his ugly teeth more often and would sound his horrible roar. Many times, he would swoop his fierce claws outside the cage to scare the bird and force her to become small again. But the bird knew that she had to change and transform to the person she was meant to be.

One day, the beast became so fierce that the bird had to flee the cage and run for safety. Fortunately, she found shelter with friends who were willing to share their home and provide rest.

Beast hated bird’s friends, but at least she was save from beast’s attacks. At first, beast thought bird would change her mind and return soon. So, he waited. However, bird knew that unless beast would repent and adapt a new behavior, she could not return to him.

Again, she waited and hoped that the beast would display at least some sign of change. But as she lived away from him, her relationship with beast stayed the same and he remained passive.

Bird finally moved into her own place. As she stayed away from beast, she started to transform. Lo and behold, her maiden-self reappeared.

By this time, beast knew that he lost his pet. He attempted to lure the maiden back into the cage. The maiden was still hopeful. She wished so much that her relationship with beast would work out. However, she was cautious. She would not return unless he would display a different behavior. Of course, beast did not improve. Nevertheless, now and then, maiden continued to battled with her wish of beast suddenly becoming a different creature.

At last, she had to accept the fact that he would always remain a beast. Only in fairy tails will beasts change into handsome and kind princes. In reality, magic is very unlikely to happen and miracles are very rare.

After a long struggle, the now old and less energetic maiden realized that she should have stayed away from the beast. She regretted that she wasted so much time waiting for the beast to change. She finally knew beast had no intention to modify his behavior. In addition, she accepted the fact that beasts and maidens were not intended to live with each other. Maidens are too energetic and beasts are too fierce.

Maiden grieved for a long time over her want-to-be fairy tail relationship. Even though, she never experienced the wishful intimacy with beast, she was sad that the fairy tail of Beauty and the Beast never became a reality in her life.

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