Was the Woman really Formed from the Rib of Adam?

Edith Neumaier June 12, 2018

Even for most egalitarians it is hard to accept that the first human being was not a man. When presented with the studies and research they still hesitate and cling to the traditional view. But what about the believe, or should I say the myth, that the first woman was formed from the rib of the Man. Do we have clear prove that the original Hebrew word tsela should have been translated with rib, or does tsela mean “side”. And if so, was the first woman actually formed from the whole side of the first human being and not a tiny rip? What would be the implication of this discovery?
The word tsela was used in many other places of the Old Testament. In Exodus it was used 18 times to describe the sides of various Temple structures. In Ezekiel it was translated as side-chambers of the Temple. In every case of the Old Testament except Genesis 2 it was translated as side. In 1. Kings 6:34 it refers to two door panels, each one being a side of the other.
If this is true? Why was the word tsela in Genesis 2 translated as rib? When did this false translation happen and why are Bible translators today continue to mislead people?
I believe the translators of the Septuagint did translate the word correctly with side and so did the Jerusalem Targum, Latin Vulgate and Syriac bible. So the the question is when and why was it changed?

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