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About the Book

Unflinchingly authentic and thorough, The Mystery of Adam: Biblical Gender Equality Based on the Common Origin of Male and Female challenges the gender norms and standards set by ancient cultures and perpetuated by many of today’s churches.

Counselor and scholar Edith Neumaier examines the Bible to show the truth about women and gender equality. Neumaier looks into the Old and New Testaments to show evidence of God’s real purpose for men and women. God created man and woman as equals, not woman for man, but with man. The subordination of women did not come from God; it came from sin.

Bold, compelling, and intelligent, The Mystery of Adam sets right centuries of misconceptions about gender roles and the erroneous belief of men’s supremacy over women.

Edith Neumaier

About the Author

Edith Neumaier is a licensed professional counselor. Before opening her own private practice, Edith had worked as a teacher, school counselor, and mental health clinician.

During her free time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with her family.


Writing this book was a journey and a quest for the truth. Doing the research was surprising and challenging. The truth, I discovered, was freeing and enlightening. I experienced the love and acceptance of God like never before. I know this book will be a challenge to many people. That is my intention. I don’t claim to know it all. The time is right in which God’s people can examine the roles of men and women as God intended them to be. I know many people still will oppose what I have written. But again, this book is supposed to be a challenge, or, shall I say, an offense or a stumbling block. Christ’s teaching was not accepted by all. Therefore, I am willing to risk rejection by many Christians.

The church in the past has not looked at the roles of men and women as God has ordained them. Christian leaders, blinded by culture, ignored God’s truth. They were not able to look at the purpose God had for men and women with spiritual eyes. Even the apostle Paul calls the relationship between husband and wife a mystery (Ephesians 5:32). Martin Luther, who was chosen by God to start the Reformation, was unable to see God’s intention for male and female. He also continued the oppression of women passed by the Roman Catholic Church. But God had a different plan or purpose, for Paul and Luther.

However, in our time, God has begun to stir in many Christian men and women the willingness to find out how God wants male and female to relate to each other. A great number of books have been written on the subject of biblical gender equality. Many authors have done an outstanding job researching this topic. We have a lot of evidence showing that God created men and women equal and that hierarchy is the result of sin.

The Mystery of Adam
Available at online retailers: amazonbarnes and noble

Reader's Reactions

“Excellent exegesis and application of the subject. Long sought for answers to questions that have haunted me my whole life.”


Mark MacmullenAmazon customer

“Edith Neumaier discusses the Bible and gender equality. Two things that, many think, don’t mix with together. The Mystery of Adam is fascinating and completely right.”


Victor OrnelasSaginaw, Michigan

“A rousing exposition of the truth behind the oppression of women by the church. Edith Neumaier proves that in God’s eyes all creatures are equal.”


Mary GlennSanta Clara, California

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